Welcome to The Rice Cooker Chronicles!

 Blogsite: Probinsyanang Queenbee

Our resident hashtag OOTD queen. Ia is a Psyche Grad who loves travels, fashion and food. A certified ukayera, Queen Beebusiness woman, mother to all her children, and an all around crazy person.

Ia enjoys photography and mowdeling. See the picture? She considers it her wacky picture. 😀 And yes, that is modeling with a“w”. Everything is better with a “w”, right?



 Blogsite: In the Eyes of a Lazy Guy

Jester, the sleeping Pokemon and the evolved form of Justax. It can eat 400 lbs of food before feeling full. Jester becomes much too lazy to lift even a finger when it has a full belly, which then makes it safe to bounce upon.

Anime, Gundam, playing N3DS, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating are his favorite routine – yes, in that order. You will see him building gunpla, the next few minutes, he is sleeping again. He cried over the famous Koreanovela, The Secret Garden which shows his feminine side.

This nerd is married to the most awesome woman in the whole world. ❤

 Blogsite: Happiness by I am Loved

Lably is aLab Registered Nurse and a mom to Zach. She loves succulents – cacti and greens! She is our mother blogger. 😀

When I wake up in the morning, and the sunlight hurts my eyes – yes, the lyrics of Lovely Day! This is the best description of her. 

Lovely or Lab, is addicted to nudes and browns, shoes (especially wedges), and books. Isn’t she looooovvvveeeelllyyyyy!!! Again, the lyrics -perfectly written for our Lovely blogger.

ems Blogsite: Mga Kwento ni Emsaymada

Emotera, chef, and Kung-Fu artist all rolled in one. Yes, you read it right, she knows Kung Fu. The “random” punches and kicks his husband endures are proof of that, although eventually we need to stop calling them random and start calling them intentional.

When she is not busy physically abusing her husband, she enjoys cooking and giving pity-likes to unwanted social media posts. The perfect combination of kind and ruthless.